Ferret Adoption Questionnaire

Flat Earth energy weapon contrail illuminati reptilians.

Just kidding. My name is Chaz, I conceived of and built this thing and 100% own and run it myself. Click here to learn the essentials in under 2 minutes, or check out the "About" tab above for more info.

F*ck no. TEN32 Guitars has been a one-man operation since 2007, and still is today. Unlike {insert famous guitar brand here} my goal is to build the best guitars, not make the most money.

Yes indeed they are, which is why it's a good thing TEN32 Guitars aren't portable guitars. I make pro quality guitars that just so happen to be stellar at travel. I also make conventional guitar necks if a bolt-on headstock makes you poop in your pampers.

The numeric designation for each model (for example - EN0, EN1, EN2, and EN3) refers to top contours.

All TEN32 models include a beveled edge for comfort where your arm meets the body. Additional details as follows:

- Series 0 (zero) is a flattop with no additional contouring.

- Series 1 is a flattop plus a forearm contour, for those who prefer that look and/or feel.

- Series 2 is a fully carved top (like a Les Paul) to add visual appeal and decrease weight.

- Series 3 is a fully carved top, plus a secondary set of contours to add further visual appeal.

Back contours can match any of the designations above, or you can choose a flat back. All TEN32 models include a contoured neck heel for comfortable upper fret access, and with the exception of the LT and EV series, a "belly cut" is also included when a flat back is selected.

Yes and no...I'm writing this in October 2023, and do not have design work completed on any 7 or 8 string parts BUT if the project and the price is right, I might do it. Email me to discuss - ten32guitars@gmail.com

Long term I absolutely plan to offer 7s and 8s, but this is a one man operation so things take time.

I've never been a bass player, so I don't feel I can offer the same depth of thought/design and build quality that I can offer with guitars. Also, The 21 Immutable Laws of Marketing say line extension is a death trap. I don't like death traps. 🤷‍♂️

I use a 50/50 model - 50% up front, 50% on delivery. The price you see on product pages is the full price, and shipping is free in the contiguous US. You'll be charged half that amount at checkout, and we'll coordinate on the final 50% plus shipping when the guitar is delivered.

Zero dollars within the contiguous USA. A gig bag (Gator or SKB depending on model) and free shipping are included with the purchase price of every TEN32 Guitar.

My return policy is to build guitars that no one would ever want to return. But if you're all rebel about it, I offer a 100% money back guarantee (excluding shipping costs) within 30 days of purchase.

In the context of normal use - I got you - for the life of the instrument. If you fight a Grizzly with a TEN32 and win, you get a free guitar. If you fight a Grizzly and lose, that's on you bro.

Sure, if you can offer commensurate value in return, I'm open to non-cash payments including crypto. I'm a one man business, so I almost always need help with something. Make sure you have something legit to offer before sending that email tho - ten32guitars@gmail.com