TEN32 Guitars Explained in 2 Minutes

TEN32 EN3 Model

"What am I looking at?"

So you're curious what sets TEN32 Guitars apart. Let's get right to it. Here's the stiff one-line version that takes itself way too seriously:

TEN32 guitars boldly challenge conventional design, achieving hyper-functionality with zero sacrifices.

"Hyper what now? WTF does that mean?"

We'll get there shortly. "Hyper-functionality" aside, what we can definitely agree on is that a guitar has to feel, play, and sound great, so we'll start with some social proof:

"I will call it right now. Best neck I've ever played. Period. Zero discussion. This neck rocks."

- Bill F.

This is the best neck I’ve ever felt, it’s like a different experience 👌

- Derek M.

This is the by far the best guitar I've ever owned. Everyone loves it! Man this thing plays so well!

- Kylan P.

Dude. This fret work is amazing. I wish I had known of you before I dropped thousands with Gibson. Because I never would have.

- Bill F.

Honestly, this is the coolest most impressive guitar I’ve seen in person, hands down. I would rank the headstock #1 in my list of best guitar headstocks EVER.

- Derek M.

The neck feels amazing, the wood work looks exactly like I wanted and it plays like a dream!

- Kylan P.

Let's get into the details a bit:

1 - Modularity is the backbone of the whole system

Modular headstocks, necks, nuts, and electronics + non-destructive fasteners make TEN32 guitars intuitively easy to customize, maintain, and repair. It makes the instrument more durable, functional, and inspiring for you - the player - across it's entire life cycle.

"How's that work?"

By enabling you to quickly & easily swap parts without a tech for different specs, like neck scale length, different tones, or even a new look by changing the headstock. I also offer swappable modular body and headstock finishes, which I'm sure sounds insane...more on that below.

2 - Portability is a happy accident

"Portability? Is this clown making travel guitars? Aren't they all shit?"

Yes they are! Which is why it's a good thing TEN32s aren't travel guitars. Portability is just a delicious modularity bonus. Turns out, a removable modular headstock is the perfect way to make all the parts of a full-size guitar small enough to fit in a purpose built backpack case - a case that's small enough to fit under an airplane seat, like these:

3 - A bolt-on headstock is just an option, like any other

If a bolt-on headstock makes you sweaty, I also build conventional necks, and they're 100% compatible with the rest of the system. You can swap between conventional necks and bolt-on headstock style necks anytime, but of course - conventional necks wont fit in the backpack case.

4 - A different approach to finishing

Finishing techniques haven't evolved for decades, so I developed some new approaches. The first is a machined epoxy finish. The goal here is to use CNC technology to precisely control finish thickness, add structure to impact-prone areas, and create textures that are visually appealing. They also avoid showing scratches & fingerprints, and dont stick to your skin. The thinnest coating I've reliably achieved so far is 10 mil (0.01").

Here's an example of a clear coat - I bet you can't tell the difference, but you'll see the texture if you zoom in:

TEN32 EN3 Model

If you want something even more radical, I also offer modular, printed aluminum tops. You read that right - modular guitar finishes. It works on headstocks too, and AI generated images are PERFECT for this application. Take a look at what's possible:

5 - A mountain of other stuff.

The above covers the critical aspects, but I've also done my best to improve literally every part of the instrument. From jack mounting to restringing a Floyd, everything works better than what you're used to.

If you want more details and prefer to read, start here. If you prefer video, start here. If you want to build one and see what it costs, click here.