Pricing & Purchasing

Configure your TEN32 Guitar

Base prices start at $1800.

This price includes a single bridge humbucker, but excludes most other options and does not include a case. I wanted to create an option for the lowest possible price. Obviously more expensive electronics, hardware, finish work, etc. will increase the price, just like any other builder.

Configuration & Purchasing

Click the link above to select from a (too) wide variety of configuration options and you'll receive a quote via email. I'm making progress on automating pricing updates as you select options, as well as automated quote creation and delivery.

If you don't want to configure the entire axe yourself, I'm also working on offering pre-configured builds.

Further Detail

I currently offer 5 models. Each model breaks down in to three series:

Series 1 is a flattop, but always includes mandatory shaping such as forearm contours and belly cuts, for comfortable playing.


Series 2 has a carved top with a single contour, but you can save some money by selecting a flat back (belly cut still included). If you want a carved top like series 2 with a strat-style blade switch, a component shelf becomes necessary due to the physical height of the switch.





Series 3 is the same as series 2, but also includes a secondary contour. Again, if you want a strat-style blade switch, a component shelf becomes necessary due to the physical height of the switch.





There are a few caveats:

  1. The LT and HSV models are too wide to meet TSA requirements for carryon luggage. Nothing I can do about that. It may make more sense to buy a standard case for these models and you always have the option of a conventional neck.
  2. LT and HSV models don't have any Series 1 contouring for comfort. Their shapes just don't call for a belly cut or a forearm contour, but I'm open to a discussion if you disagree.
  3. Series 2 and 3 development on the HSV isn't yet complete (which is why you don't see them above), but if you want to see what that looks like, please reach out and I'll send you a rendering.

I'd also like to mention that, if you want a TEN32 Guitar but cant afford the price, I'm open to other forms of value exchange. I don't know exactly what those are, but I'm willing to listen if you make a compelling case.

Configure your TEN32 Guitar