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Let's rock talk about TEN32 Guitars.


Come on, don't you wanna get in touch with your inner dude?

No. I hate that guy.

I guess I'll just have to hold onto all these banana stickers...

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😲 OK, I'll rock talk. Tell me about your guitars.

Cool. I'm Chaz, BTW. I design and build these myself. So...first up, TEN32 Guitars are modular.


Think of it like an App store for guitar parts. Everything is standardized, everything is compatible. Pick your parts and build a guitar that inspires you and meets your needs.

Comparing it to an app store makes it seem like a shoddy gimmick, I dont like it. What's the point?

I get it - it's new and scary, but modularity has nothing to do with build quality. It just makes parts interchangeable, and much easier to produce.

OK, that makes sense. So what modular parts are available?

7 different headstock shapes (and counting), infinite finish options.

Necks from 24-30” scale length, including multi-scale. Any profile, fret size or fingerboard radius.

Precision machined nuts for any set of strings. This one is for a custom 10-56 set. Or swap out for a locking nut, or even a zero fret nut.

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Whoa, engraved with the string gauges? Nice. A modular neck is a bolt-on...obv.

Wait...modular headstocks? How does that work...isn't the headstock a part of the neck?

Before now, yeah - always. And I still make conventional necks, but I also make necks with detachable headstocks.

😕Detachable headstock? WTF for?

Outside of modularity, just one reason - removing the headstock makes the neck short enough to fit in a carry-on suitcase.

Ohhh, I get it. You're making travel guitars, LOL. Thats so lame!!!🤣🤣🤣

You're not guitars generally suck, but like I said - I also make conventional necks (and these badass tactical cases) if a bolt-on headstock rubs you the wrong way.

I dont get it. If you're trying to build legit guitars, why would you even mess with portability? Aren't all travel guitars plagued by tone and playability sacrifices?

They sure are, which is why it's a good thing TEN32 Guitars aren't travel guitars. They're pro quality guitars that happen to be stellar at travel, with ZERO sacrifices.

Zero sacrifices huh. Im calling bullsh*t.🙄

It's true. Zero sacrifices, AND you can fly with a real guitar that never leaves your side. Check this out.

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😲 Daf*ck is that?!

lol, thats a full size guitar in a purpose built backpack case. It fits under an airplane seat. The lid has tools, extra pots, pickups, string snipper & winder, etc. You can see it all in the photo.

Well it definitely looks cool but IDK man...I still have a hard time believing a guitar can be both pro quality AND portable.

It's all good! 😀 It's a ton of new stuff all at once. I'd be skeptical too. That's why we're having this made up conversation.

That is a great looking guitar tho. So thats full size? Whats the scale length of the neck in that case?

Yup, full size. Scale length is 25.5", just like a strat. Here it is assembled, and a newer version of that same model and it's case.

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Damn...those look nice. Is the trem bar in the back of the body? Is that a wireless transmitter in the back too??

Yeah - the bar is stored magnetically, cover is magnetic as well. Yep - wirless transmitter cavity!

Huh. That's smart. That backpack must be clunky as hell and weigh a ton tho...

Fully loaded, it weighs about 16 pounds, and it's under 4.5 inches thick, check it out in backpack mode.

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Oh, that actually looks pretty compact.

It has to be to fit under an airplane seat!

OK, I admit it. That's some pretty interesting stuff. Where can I find more info?

Check out this YouTube playlist for a complete rundown of all the features, or I have a blog post that covers the same stuff if you prefer to read. Click here for my website.