Offering an optional Bolt-on Headstock, the HSV series is a new take on an iconic design. Currently only available as a flattop, contoured models will be rolled out in the near future. The HSV series has all the innovative features shared by all TEN32 models. Completely new approaches to construction, lumber selection, and even finishing techniques set TEN32 Guitars distinctly apart from the competition.

Audio Samples

DiMarzio Super Distortion - Bridge and Neck

Bridge - ENGL Savage 120

Bridge - Marshall Plexi

Bridge - ENGL Savage 120

Neck - Marshall Plexi


Electronics - Bridge Humbucker (only), Dual Humbuckers, 3 Single Coils, HSH, and HSS. Standard control options plus everything available here.

Bridges - Hipshot Hardtail, Schaller Lockmeister (or any trem that fits a standard Floyd cavity), anything that works with the Tune-o-Matic platform including wraparound style, string-thru body, or standard tailpiece.

Body, neck, headstock & fingerboard lumber selection - Neck options are somewhat limited to ensure optimum stability, otherwise nearly anything.

Finishes - All the standard options you're used to as well as TEN32 exclusive alternatives like textured finishes to avoid scratches and stickiness.

Scale Lengths - 24.75", 25", 25.5", 26" and beyond, however only up to 26" scale necks will fit in the travel case.

Other Options - Custom inlay shapes and colors, custom case inlays and colors, glowing side markers, glowing binding, custom machined nuts to match your gauges.

Pricing begins at $2000 for basic flattop models. Click here for a complete breakdown on pricing and purchasing.

The "Configure" link above leads to a google form that covers all available options. When the form is submitted, you'll receive a follow up email to nail down any gray area remaining in the build. Supply shortages and variability in material and parts costs dictate current prices have to be checked, followed by quote creation on a case by case basis.

For a comprehensive rundown on the TEN32 philosophy, check out my seven part introductory blog series beginning here, or watch the video series starting with part 1 below.

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