TEN32 Gratitude List

TEN32 Gratitude List

By Chaz Ginest

This feels odd because usually you don't write a list like this until after you've already achieved something, but just in case this is as far as I ever make it, I want to acknowledge the following people in one way or another. 

My best friend and life partner in all things, Margaret - for far more than I can list here. I'd never have been able to even attempt this without your support and your relentless hard work. You're an exceptional role model and have always driven me to be a better version of myself, right now more than ever.

My parents, Chad & Cindy - for your confidence in me and continuing to believe this is possible, despite what I'm sure were dozens of instances of asking yourselves "What is taking him so long?!". Almost there!

My Sisters, Tish & Chandra - for believing in what I'm capable of more than I do myself most days.

Tom & Miriam - for your genuine interest, enthusiastic encouragement and continually positive feedback. It means a lot on those days where nothing seems to go right.

Fred - for playing and reporting back on all the prototypes, and still being friends with me despite the constant bombardment of photos and ideas, and for being one of my first paying customers.

Andrey - For being an inspiring musical influence, a great friend from afar, an unintentional philosopher and one of the best axe slingers on planet Earth (seriously, people - click on that link above). Someday the pandemics and wars will let up long enough for me to get you a whole pile of guitars!

Kendall - for having the guts to uproot your entire life in pursuit of becoming your true self and inspiring me to do the same.

Tracy & Ryan Northington for your business, genuine interest, and advice.

Will Strickland, Jake Hansen, TJ Hamblen, Chris Love, Aaron Krizik, David Sanchez, Chris Kanyo, Eric Grace and anybody else I perpetually bombard with guitar photos. I'll get an Instagram account like everyone else soon, dudes.

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  • Thanks for building your guitars and being courageous enough to try to disrupt an industry full of luddites.


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